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Place to reconnect.

Visitors to Noup are greeted by 11 unassuming stone and corrugated iron cottages facing the cold Atlantic Ocean and the Benguela current where many a mariner met his fate. Experience Noup, the heart of the Diamond Coast, a place to gather and socialise, a place to shut out the world or to solve its problems.

Escape. Explore. Exhale.

All the bedrooms have been upgraded and now include comfortable beds with duvets, pillows, blankets and hot water bottles while the en suite bathrooms with hot showers, flush loos and basins also include towels.

Every lounge includes an amazing built in fireplace to ward off an icy chill, cook a potjie or create a delightful ambiance, while comfortable chairs and couches with knee blankets complete the picture.

The fresh fully equipped functional kitchen area includes a gas cooker and potjie pot, quaint rustic furniture and a dining room table and chairs.

Generators provide lighting which compliments the paraffin lanterns provided in each unit. A communal kitchen area provides a fridge-freezer to store perishables and a mini-shop provides the basics required for a comfortable stay.

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